Evolution Aqua Detox De-Toxifier Dechlorinator 12" & 30"

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The Evolution Aqua Detox Inline Tap Water De-Toxifier

The Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator is a quick and simple method of filtering out harmful chlorine and other impurities from tap water

Ideal for first fill, water changes and top-ups, for both ponds and aquariums

There’s no need to wait for chlorine to gas-off or to use liquid treatments
Simply fill up straight from the hosepipe via the Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator
This unit simply connects to garden hose or rigid pipe work, connectors are included

Hi-grade activated carbon removes chlorine, chloramine, bromine, malachite green, dyes, colours, humic acids, organics, proteins, antibiotics, hormones and ozone

New and improved for 2018 with high capacity carbon for optimum chlorine removal

• Recommended flow rate:4 litres per minute
• The 12 inch high-grade activated carbon filter will treat up to*:225,000 Litres / 49,000 U.K. Gallons
• The 30 inch high-grade activated carbon filter will treat up to*:550,000 Litres / 122,000 U.K. Gallons
*Maximum treatable water is based on incoming 0.5ppm chlorine.

• 12" 389mm Long x 112mm Wide
• 30" 840mm Long x 112mm Wide


• Carbon Spec: High grade activated carbon
• Pressure Rating: Standard household mains mater pressure only
• Supplied With: Two Connectors for easy connection to a garden hose.
• Manufactured in the UK

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